One of the biggest challenges facing online intelligence in real time is the generation of dynamic content.

Braindw solves it through a system that links different programs with design templates in a flexible and systematized way; This allows you to manage large volumes of work in a short period of time.

The BNF module consists of four elements:

1) HTML template formats 

  • The newsletters build system works based on templates structured in a specific HTML format.

2) Forms in XLSX format

  • The Excel document inserts and edits the contents whether they are images (product, background, etc) or texts; For this each of the columns must have as its head the same name as its respective layer in the PSD.


3) Pieces in Photoshop format

In Photoshop layers are added and the piece is organized in a flexible way, without losing creativity.

  • The layers of the PSD have generic names that will be replaced by texts and images in the final piece through Excel.


4) Administration Panel

Finally the Braindw panel is accessed, where the XLS file is loaded resulting in the final piece being suitable for all devices.


It detects in real time from which device is being connected the user and adapts the graphic pieces according to it.