Braindw allows its customers to access tools that are available to companies like Amazon without demanding a huge investment.

Braindw is an intelligence platform developed by NDW, an Argentine based company that arises from the permanent demand by customers of e-commerce platforms to achieve improvements in conversion rates to sales of their online stores, NDW (New Digital Way) is a digital marketing agency that integrates technology, creativity and marketing with a results oriented vision for our clients, this is called: Digital Business 360 °.

Our platform provides users with a personalized and contextual experience, as well as offering a solution to generate content in a dynamic and automated way.

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Our content delivery model is based on the SaaS (Software as a Service) format, since it can operate with low requirements in the systems area. Braindw allows online retailers to test our ultra-personalization technology with low implementation costs.

In mid-2013 we decided to start the project of a platform that could meet the demand for dynamic content. This project was developed during two years of work under an important economic investment. Braindw was launched in July 2015 with the implementation of one of its 5 modules, the automated Banners and Newsletters (BNF) factory to make shipments of

Subsequently the same module was implemented in and, reaching a fast positioning in the main retailers of Argentina.

Finally, the real-time Online Intelligence Script module (SRT) is implemented in, without even having been officially launched in the market.