In this module all the functionalities of the Braindw platform are synthesized, since in it all the characteristics of the same are combined:

  1. Generation of business rules to trigger actions, depending on the audience and behavior on the user’s site.
  2. Automatic creating of audiences, grouped according to the rules generated.
  3. Dynamic delivery of content in real time, based on the rules and the audiences created

These contents are delivered in 2 ways, through an email or as personalized banner impressions from the compliance of a rule in the various URLs or pages on which they apply. The script has similar characteristics to the Google Analytics code, because it is inserted in the HTML code of the website with minimum requirements to the client’s systems area.

This module also allows integrating and combining the contents coming from the client database with the dynamic data coming from the device that connects the user. In this case, the company must present to Braindw a service in XML format that allows the Script to take data from the database (stock, prices, gender, buyer or non-buyer, location of record, etc.). All the automated contents that are shown to the user are produced from the BNF module (Banners and Newsletters Factory).

La estructura del Script contiene los siguientes ítems:

  1. Groups or sets that will be part of the campaigns.
  2. Rules composed of a set of variables. These can be:
    • Dynamics: they are external to the client’s DDBB data and are taken from certain criteria.
      . IP Geolocation.
      . OS.
      . Dispositives.
      . Weather.
    • Fixed or static: originated in the DDBB of the client.
      . Geolocation of the register in the base.
      . Whether you are a buyer or not.
      . Last purchased purchase.
      . Average user ticket.
      . Gender.

Once the rules are met, actions are triggered, which can be programmed to be executed immediately or deferred in hours or days.

The actions that are triggered generate, automatically content, those that can be:

  1. Banners: They are printed on the customer’s site, they can be “floated” independently of the site structure, or replace fixed parts already inserted by the customer, such as a header or a banner within the site. The contents of the dynamic parts generated by the Script take in real time data of some service presented by the client, for example an .XML format file in which the offers are exposed with data such as price, image, description and offers or discounts In case the product is included. It is important to note that the application works independently of the client’s website, without impacting or influencing the loading times of the pages.
  2. Emails: The pieces of emails are generated automatically in the same way as the banners in terms of dynamic content in real time and from the rules that trigger an action. The data is taken in the same way, but to this is added a sending engine integrated into the Script which allows you to give the user a 100% relevant email, since it matches your search criteria for products and / or categories.