What is Online Intelligence (OI)?

A simple way to understand the importance of data and automated content

We have been observing for a couple of years how the knowledge of the concept «Artificial Intelligence» (AI) is growing, but few people have deepened and have tried to understand its deep meaning. It is a concept too broad, complex and comprehensive to various disciplines, and does not represent exactly what we do with our platform.

In Braindw we set out to work on a concept that best defines how intelligence on the Internet is applied, «Online Intelligence (IO)». In this post I will explain its meaning that synthesizes the functionalities and characteristics of our platform of online solutions in real time

In a world where we all run with time, it is essential that sites present the best offers and opportunities in the first visual impact with the user, without being hidden in tortuous navigation trees with infinite and complex hierarchies, especially from mobile devices.

It is necessary to capture the visitor / potential consumer of a first attempt with highly relevant content and prepared to suit you.Today many companies have to rely on the manual selection of content to create homepages, list products and / or articles or landingpages. does ivermectin interact with supplements Braindw performs the hard work for the client thanks to an automated and hyper-flexible system and delivers in real time content that is generated dynamically. The IO works from a series of business rules in real time that trigger actions through different online content formats, such as emails, banners and gondolas or showcases.

These pieces are populated with products with their commercial attributes, such as discounted price, savings, cucardas or images that reflect any offer or promotion. And all this, in real time, which makes it possible to adapt them to different user profiles. ivermectin tablets for humans online

The 3 main characteristics of the IO platform Braindw

  1. Automatization in the creation of front-end pieces and administrable emails via panel in real time
  2. Inteligence to detect audiences based on their behavior on the site
  3. Engine Rules that triggers the publication of contents based on the audiences.

The automation of pieces is a very valuable tool since it allows to free the areas of design and layout of repetitive and mechanical tasks, and use them in functions of a more strategic nature and more focused on business and commercial aspects, allowing them to gain much efficiency in times and production capacity.

What automation resolves is the increase in the speed of response from the design and production areas to the commercial and marketing areas of the companies, which are generally frustrated with their needs to publish promotions, discounts and offers since the demand is growing daily and the production resources are limited and scarce.

The intelligence to detect who does and what does in real time is one of the fundamental characteristics of an Online Intelligence platform like Braindw. This allows us to establish what pieces and contents are going to show to users based on the established business rules, which are the ones that end up assembling the audiences.

For example, detect from which device they connect, from which state or province, if you are already registered with email or if you have an abandoned shopping cart. These audiences, for example:

  1. All users who access from mobile devices will see a different UX to those that access from a Desktop or a Smart TV.
  2. All users who have an abandoned cart will see a gondola on the home with the cart products include the offers and updated prices.
  3. All the users that have left an email, will receive every time they return to the site an email with the Day´s Offers and the best Site Offers , that are automatically detected by Briandw

The Rules Engine allows defining the variables on which the business rules that the audiences build are based. It is the heart of an Online Intelligence platform such as Braindw. ivermectin hund kaufen Braindw uses contextual data, such as clicks, geolocation, operating systems or devices, among others, to present relevant content in each category of the site in rich formats such as showcases or gondolas with carrousel, email or video, taking the information in real time