A partir de eso crea y genera piezas automatizadas para publicar en el sitio (Banners, Gondolas, Emails)

b) Se conecta con el motor de regla de negocios y dispara acciones

a) Es facil de instalar, se agrega un Script en Google Tag Manager


Based on cookies, Braindw collects data and monitors each of the activities that users perform on the site.

TWe work with business rules, with a focus on Online Intelligence to find patterns of behavior in the sea of information that we collect every day. From the discovery of these patterns, we generate actions that result in an increase in the conversion rate of our customers. The combination of real-time and historical data is the basis of our product recommendation engine that is presented to mariners and buyers. fogadóiroda angolul

Our real-time online intelligence engine captures and persists data by tracking each of the activities that users perform on a site, which products they look at, which they add to the car, which they end up buying, which searches perform, the last ones products they visit, and what are their favorite categories.

This allows to identify the profile of the user and create audiences depending on it, delivering a content of HIGH RELEVANCE, all this allows to build an enriched profile of the navigator that is the basis of the recommendations of products that are presented.

The ability to respond in real time allows us to recognize, among other things, what search a user is doing and based on the term used to show a dynamic banner with offers from highest to lowest or most viewed in the last 48 hours. You can also identify what is the geographical location or device from which the navigator is connecting. elo tippmix

By linking the cookie with the user’s email that he leaves in the registration box, Braindw sends smart email campaigns in real time, based on the user’s activity on the site, whether he returns after a while and starts a new one session or if you access a certain category or leave a car abandoned for some time.

With the incorporation of the Persistence concept within the Braindw suite of solutions, we managed to strengthen the circuit that feeds the rules and actions in real time provided by our AI platform. In this way it adds to the hot data of the present moment of the user’s browsing, the historical data that enrich and multiply the possibilities of understanding with greater precision what products it needs to acquire. Braindw consolidates and organizes customer data sets in an Amazon environment (AWS). bukméker stratégiák

We can incorporate multiple information channels, which are integrated into the data with which our model operates.

From the discovery of browsing patterns we check if they match and work with the generated actions (Banners, gondolas and email) once we publish them on the website.