They generate little relevant messages without achieving an efficient connection with the audience.

are limited by the technology they have until now.

The professionals in online marketing


In a market as competitive as online, it is essential to have tools such as Braindw, which allow us to accurately identify the interests and habits of digital consumers. Delivering the right content, at the right time and on the right device, both in email marketing campaigns and during the navigation on the website.


In Braindw we have the mission to face this great challenge of online marketing that involves combining data collection with the automatic creation of personalization of content in real time. In a simple way and without the use of IT resources.

This demonstrated that a personalized experience increases the conversion rate to sales on the site by around 10% from the first month.

We create a powerful platform of Precision Marketing and AI-based Automation that feeds on the user’s browsing data. Those that are evaluated and based on business rules automatically recommends relevant content. This exponentially multiplies the ability to generate personalized content for your audiences.