Customized campaigns are sent from triggers.

The contents are assembled according to business rules.

It takes the price and product data in real time from the client.

The piece of email is armed dynamically and automated


1- Personalized campaigns are sent from triggers
2- According to the rules, each campaign includes personalized content
3- It takes the data price – product in real time from the client
4- The HTML is armed in a dynamic and automated way

Allows the sending of personalized emails with content relevant to the user who has fulfilled a business rule.

These emails are triggered by certain user actions on the site, through the use of the Braindw rules engine. This mechanism generates an intelligent email marketing model, of high relevance for the user, since the campaigns are sent based on the interests in certain categories, navigated products, related searches or abandoned shopping carts. how much is ivermectin in nigeria

It is worth noting the opening rates of these Smart campaigns, which exceed 50% Open Rate (Openings) and values ​​between 5% and 10% in Click Throguh Rate (Rate of clicks on emails), these numbers at least triple the performance of an email campaign traditional «bulk» marketing. how much ivermec for dogs

The platform has the ability to make smart shipments on any shipping provider, Sendgrid, Tripolis, Mailchimp, or whatever is chosen by the customer. ivermectin in humans side effects The Script has the intelligence to make segmented and hyper-personalized deliveries reach the right recipients at the right times.

In the «Setup» process, the data of the supplier is integrated, and an account of the same is added to the Braindw platform, so that the customer can see the number of automatic daily shipments, as well as the opening or Open Rate. (OR) and Click Through Rate (CTR).

In general, a business rule is fulfilled according to the variables that define it. You can set different parameters, such as:

1. Number of maximum emails that a user can receive per day.
2. At what time shipments are made, whether immediately or scheduled.

Registration Email

Once the user leaves his / her email in the registration banner, or, in the case that he / she logs in the site, a welcome email with links to the main categories is sent automatically. You can also include a list of discount coupons that are inserted in the email and can be used to a code per user.

Best Offers Email by Categories

When a user accesses the first category in their navigation on the site, Braindw sends you an email with the best offers of the category you just visited after a certain period of time, you can also send it immediately. That is regulated through rules.

Last Navigated Products and Abandoned Cart Email

This email is sent after a user navigates a certain number of products, at least 3 products

This email is sent once the user leaves a car abandoned for a certain amount of time elapsed

Este email se envía, en el caso de Jumbo despues de 24 horas, ya que en alimentos se cargan mas productos al carro