Testimonials from clients about their experience with Braindw

Walmart, Wong y Metro (Perú), Easy (Chile y Argentina)

Jumbo, Disco y Vea (Argentina)


Testimonios de clientes sobre su experiencia con Braindw

Walmart, Wong y Metro (Perú), Easy (Chile y Argentina)


Easy Chile Success Story

Caso de éxito de Easy Chile

Alejandro Amado
Gerente E-commerce
Easy Chile

«The way to connect with customers has to do with being relevant to the target audience, and I believe that one of the ways to achieve this has to do with the customization of the offers»

«We see that all those customers who are exposed to these personalized contents have a conversion rate that is 3 times the normal of the site»

Success story Cencosud Argentina (Jumbo, Disco and Vea)

Mariela Perona
Marketing | Ecommerce | Digital |
Jumbo, Disco y Vea

«In the last months we began to incorporate tools that allow us an effective measurement, personalization and automation of contents»

«The Braindw pieces have given us a general improvement in online sales that reaches 5% in the gondolas and 10% in smart email marketing»

Success story Walmart Argentina

Caso de éxito Walmart Argentina

Juan Bucure
Digital & eCommerce Specialist
Walmart AR

«In the time we have with this tool implemented, we see that the conversion is growing and that the client is transforming and looking for solutions that are easy and fast.»

«We see that the conversion rates increase at a very attractive and interesting level for the business. We also see that day by day these rates are growing»